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Listed here you will find links to various websites that may be of interest to you as a fan and supporter of Truck & Tractor Pulling.  Please visit these websites, show your support, and help keep this sport alive!


Fergus Truck Show

A weekend full of chrome, horsepower, music, camping and family fun.

red river valley pullers association 

Red River Valley Pullers Association is a club dedicated to modified truck & modified tractor pulling. Membership is available for any person or organization wanting to promote the motorsport of competitive pulling. Current members are from North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba Canada.

United pullers of minnesota

United Pullers of Minnesota was formed in 1988 by two organizations, Minnesota Tractor Pullers Contest Corporation which was one of the five founding state organization that formed NTPA in 1969 and Gopher State Tractor Pullers.  The two organization merged in 1988 to form one united organization. They are now called United Pullers of Minnesota.


We have been an association in Alberta since October 1980. We have seen a lot of changes over the years and enjoy seeing everyone having a good time.  All of our events are family orientated. Our shows on average run about 3 hours (give or take). Everyone involved with the ATPA takes pride in all that we do.  


The Northwestern Ohio Tractor Pullers Association is a private club made up of 200 active members, governed by a Board of 9 Directors elected from the membership.  They are the promoters of the National Tractor Pulling Championships and have been since 1967.  The National Tractor Pulling Championships are held the third weekend in August at the Wood County Fairgrounds, located at 13800 W. Poe Rd., Bowling Green, Ohio.



The NTPA sets the standard in the pulling industry for safety and competition rules. Respected by most domestic and foreign pulling associations, the NTPA Rulebook is followed across the world for improving their standard of competition to that already achieved by the NTPA.